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About me

A few words about myself ...

On this page I would like to tell you a bit about myself, how I came to write, where I come from, etc.
Usually, I'm a secretive and quiet person and do not like to talk about myself - especially I don't like writing about myself. But here I make an exception, I guess ☺

I have to tell you: So far it has been a long, sometimes stony road, and for some time I had reached a point where I was about to give up writing. But thanks to the persistence of my husband, who has never stopped to kick me in the buttocks, I am still writing today. Without his support much would never have come about and I would not be the person I am today ☺

I suppose one or the other has already asked the question: What is it about "Searose"?
Searose is a pun on my maiden name and my husband's last name.

The beginning ...

I was born in May 1987 in Heilbronn (Germany) and grew up in Gundelsheim/Neckar (also a town in Germany), where I spent most of my life - or at least my childhood and youth - until I finally met my husband.
In 2007 I moved to Heilbronn.
In 2016 we opened our practice for nuclear medicine in Ilsfeld (Germany) in the local old train station. We also used this chance and moved there as well.


How did I actually become a writer?
It all started in 2003, during my time as a student, when I suddenly was haunted by a crazy story that literally chased me. The story continued to evolve in my brain without my consent. It became so bad that I was unable to concentrate on learning - and the final exams inexoarbly came closer - until I finally started to write down this story.
Then it rested for a while ... and I did not think about this story any longer. Then it finally began to haunt me again and I eventually brought myself to continue this idea - this time actively thinking about it. And many years passed ...
Only through my husband did I end up thinking about publishing this story. And that's how my first novel was published in 2008.

Why self-publishing?

Over the years and after 2 publishing houses, I realized that all that glitters is not gold.
You have to live with restrictions, you have to compromizes and you possibly have to settle with poor quality. The stories that speak from ones heart simply do not experience the love they deserve. That I didn't want to endure any longer. So I retrieved my rights and entered the adventure of self-publishers.

Today ...

Since October 2018 I publish my own stories and am really glad to have taken this stepSince October 2018 I publish my own stories and am really glad to have taken this step.
I can only recommend self-publishing to anyone who may not want to mess with publishers and - lasting for months - wait for rejections. Nowadays there are enough alternatives to do this on your own ...

Inspiration and hobbies

Equipped with a lively imagination and always fascinated by myths and fantastic stories, I began to write poetry and short stories during education.
The first ideas for my Fantasy trilogy "The Tears of the Unicorns" came to me at the spur of the moment during a little project - a role play - I did with my best friend. It was a love story between the elements of Water and Fire. This story finally inspired me to pick up the idea of elemental magic and create a mystic new world.
In addition to writing, I am following my second major hobby - collecting Mangas - with great enthusiasm. I also draw in this style. My artistic talent was given to me by my father, a master goldsmith and successful painter of expressionistic paintings ☺
I specialize in drawings that represent light, peace and serenity and my fascination with magical beings also provides me with ideas for my drawings.

Professionally, I have also dedicated myself to the artistic sector. After school education I founded a small company for advertising design. In addition, I work at the Red Cross in Heilbronn driving the ambulance car and support my husband, a doctor and jazz musician, in the management of his practice and organize his musical activities.