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The Tears of the Unicorns II


After Miriel returns the Grail to Elysion, the world seems to be saved. But her brother Caylen, consumed with wrath about the injustice of the world, starts to strive for the annihilation of all life, in order to create a new and better world. The chaos, which is protected by the Teala of Darkness, will help him to fulfill his wish. Now it is up to Miriel and Sirion to prevent Caylen from implementing his destructive plan, and save their world.


Part I of the trilogy The Tears of the Unicorns is available as eBook and paperback!

978-3-947970-13-1 (Paperback - this version is only available in Germany at the moment!)
978-1-095610-84-8 Paperpack available via AMAZON
The eBook is available via AMAZON.

A reading sample of part I can be downloaded here - enjoy reading ☺

You want to buy direcly from me? Please contact me for details at info@searose-fantasy.de, thank you!